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Future Skills Talent Program is a unique opportunity for you to learn side by side with leading tech companies. The 1-year program is created by industry experts and is designed to build a network to reach your potential and accelerate your career during your studies.

Build your Future Skills

Future Skills is about developing your skills, so you can step into the workforce of tomorrow stronger. Future Skills is the #1 talent program enabling the acceleration of your career within the fast-moving industry of technology.

Our 1-year talent program is acknowledged and approved by business academies in Denmark. During the program, you get to strengthen your potential in collaboration with the tech community of leading tech companies, through:

  • 4 Camps – Workshops, during which we develop Future Skills together with industry leaders.
  • Tech Talk – Events, in which you can learn from industry experts diving deep into the technologies they are working with.
  • Talent Framework - your personal development plan which will visualize your potential.
  • Hands-on experience - within the tech industry through cases and internships that will build your personal portfolio.

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As individuals and companies struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, we provide a dynamic hands-on program to close the global skills gap. There's no homework; however, you are expected to dedicate some time throughout the year.  

Future Skills is the 1-year talent program designed for students to:

  • Build a strong industry focused network 
  • Meet today's top employers 
  • Gain hands-on experience with the 21st-century skills 
  • Develop insight into the best-practices in the tech industry 

Since June 2020, we have enrolled students twice a year, in one national student program that meets the demanding needs of top tech employers.