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The inspiration to create Future Skills comes from the 'Business Pact' launched by 30 technology companies in 2018 to foster more IT and tech talent. The Business Pact and Future Skills is rooted the non-profit association Technology Denmark, which aims to develop, retain and foster competencies within talents. 

Future Skills is supported by the Industriens Fond, Karl Pedersen and Hustrus Fond as well as major Danish companies who want to invest in developing and expanding the talent pool in the tech industry.  

Future Skills collaborates with higher education institutions in Denmark to accelerate the potential of students—and to build tomorrow’s workforce.  

As we work agile and are in constant development, Future Skills meet with the advisory board consisting of experts from industry and academia to create the best possible program for the talents. 

On the board we have members from Telenor, Energinet, Universal Robots, Furh, University College Nordjylland, University College Lillebælt, Business Academy Aarhus, Cph Business Academy

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Collaborate, create and connect.  

The Future Skills Talent Program is a unique opportunity to build your network, gain insight into the industry, and work with like-minded people. The talent program is a possibility to make a difference and develop new ideas and skills in the tech industry. Future Skills has both summer and winter start for students from business academies.  

Future Skills is an opportunity to learn with the best. The program is designed for ambitious students, who want to create and innovate their careers in tech. We accepted students bi-annually. We work with creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and collaboration – the Future Skills which the tech industry is currently requesting. We work agile and adapt to the industry needs and new tech in constant development.  

We accept ambitious students from AP, Top-up, and PBA's at UCL, UCN, EAAA, and CphBusiness such as Computer Science, Digital Concept Development, Web Development, Product Development, E-commerce, Integrative Technology, IT-Security, IT-Technology, and Software Development.

Industry partners create real-life impact

Future Skills enable students to learn side by side with some of the very best in the tech industry—while students receive dedicated career support. Founded within Technology Denmark, we work together with companies that want to build a workforce of tomorrow; companies that translate knowledge into real-life impact and value.  

– If you want to work with us as a learning partner, contact us.

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Sidsel Dahl Knudsen

Project Coordinator