Let’s build the workforce of tomorrow, together

Future Skills is the 1-year talent program designed for students to accelerate their career in tech. The program is designed by industry experts and tailored to meet the ever-demanding needs of today’s top employers in the tech industry.

As individuals and companies struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, we provide a dynamic hands-on program to close the global skills gap.

We started in June 2020 by announcing one national student program that meets the demanding needs of top tech employers.

Future Skills fosters a community of young individuals through professional development and strategic career connections.

For students: accelerate a career in tech

– Improve your skills
– Collaborate with like-minded students
– Add great work to your portfolio

For companies: invest in talent and tech

– Partner with ambitious tech talents
– Create a dedicated hiring pipeline
– Empower young students to become tomorrow's workforce

Who we are

The inspiration to create Future Skills comes from the 'Business Pact' launched by 30 technology companies in 2018 to foster more IT and tech talent. Both the Business Pact and Future Skills are a part of the non-profit association Technology

Denmark; a non-profit association that aims to put Denmark on the international in regards to growth, knowledge and technology.

Future Skills is supported by the Industriens Fond, Karl Pedersen and Hustrus Fond as well as major Danish companies who want to invest in developing and expanding the talent pool in the tech industry.

Future Skills collaborates with higher education institutions in Denmark to accelerate the potential of students—and to build tomorrow’s workforce.

Learning partnerships and sponsorships

Future Skills enable students to learn side by side with some of the very best in the tech industry—while students receive dedicated career support. We work together with companies that want to build a workforce of tomorrow; companies that translate knowledge into real-life impact and value.
– If you want to work with us, you have two options: learning partnerships and sponsorships.
Be a learning partner

Learning partners are companies that want to allow students to work interdisciplinary with customers, functions, knowledge and projects. Side by side with students, learning partners help students accelerate a career in tech—while building a pool and talent pipeline for future hires.

Be a sponsor

Sponsors are companies or organizations that support Future Skills but don’t want to become a learning partner. By becoming a sponsor, your company will strengthen its CSR-profile while joining a network of ambitious tech companies in a joint effort to help students accelerate a career in tech

Collaborating with Future Skills has a lot of benefits. See some of these below.

Great branding possibilities

A one of a kind way to show students, stakeholders and business colleagues that you care about the future of young Danish students who want to breakthrough in the tech industry.

Exclusive access to talent

You’ll get in touch with some of Denmark's most talented and motivated students: a potential future employee in your company.

Tools and insights

The students come with a unique mindset and a robust toolkit that creates opportunities and potential for your company.

Creative solutions

The students will work with your case or in your company and produce creative solutions that include research, concepts, design, strategy, prototypes and more—depending on the scope of the collaboration.

Future-proof your business and industry

We develop a pipeline of talent for your business. At the same time, you are helping to attract, develop and retain the skills that will help the Danish tech industry to evolve. You invest in building a workforce of tomorrow.

Sidsel Dahl Knudsen

Project coordinator