Who are we

Future Skills is a knowledge hub for students and young professionals, who seek to empower themselves within an interesting network and excel within their specific industry. We work together with companies that believe that talent takes practice, possibilities, and patience. We open doors to the future through our Tech Talks and Talent Programmes. 

Collaborate, create and connect.  

The Future Skills Talent Program is a unique opportunity to build your network, gain insight into the industry, work and have fun with like-minded people. The talent program is a possibility to strenghen your toolbox, develop new skills and expand your understanding of the tech industry. 

Future Skills is an opportunity to learn with the best. The program is designed for ambitious students, who want to create and innovate their careers in tech. We accepted students bi-annually.

 We work with creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and collaboration – the Future Skills which the tech industry request. We work agile and adapt to the industry needs and new tech in constant development.  

We accept ambitious students from AP, Top-up, and PBA's across academies and universities such as Computer Science, Digital Concept Development, Web Development, Product Development, E-commerce, Integrative Technology, IT-Security, IT-Technology, and Software Development.

Industry partners create real-life impact

Future Skills enable students to learn side by side with some of the very best in the tech industry—while students receive dedicated career support. Founded within Technology Denmark, we work together with companies that want to build a workforce of tomorrow; companies that translate knowledge into real-life impact and value.  

– If you want to work with us as a learning partner, contact us.

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Sonja Fredrikson

Project Coordinator

+45 28 74 78 49