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The partner companies are leaders within their technological field, and they want to strengthen the tech community and contribute to tomorrow’s workforce – it is how you will get to work with exhilarating cases, gain business insight, and work closely with different industries 

In interesting camps about sustainable and agile management, IoTself-awareness, and design thinking. Our partner companies aim to create exciting camps and provide unique opportunities to ensure a deep look into their industry and how they work across various departments. 

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Revolutionize the use of big data at Telenor 

Telenor is searching for young professionals, who would like to kickstart their careers and take part in shaping the future of teleco and the future of their business. They are growing from a traditional Telephone Service Company into a wide-ranging Digital Service Provider. Taking advantage of modern technology and innovations, Telenor searches to revolutionize the use of big data to match products and customer needs. Are you interested in analytics, product management, it-security, or web development, then Telenor has growth opportunities for you. 

Accelerate green transition at Energinet 

In Energinet, words like agile, change management, and IT strategy lead to action, and development into a green company. They focus on people, who are passionate about technical, economic, or IT challenges, and who are motivated by learning new things and developing themselves every dayAs an economist, you may work with procurement, controlling of projects, or energy political analyses, and as an IT specialistyou can work with planning of architecture, automation, or IT security. 


Join the future of Cobots at Universal Robots 

At UR Labs, there is room to grow. They offer a great platform for learning and development, training and education, and many different career opportunities. Universal Robots have helped to raise the bar for productivity while freeing up operators from repetitive manual work. Universal Robots utilize design thinking, and they work with software developers, IT-technologist, project managers, and many other profiles in their R&D department.