Join the Future

In the program, you develop your skills. We provide the opportunity for you to expand your innovative- and emotional intelligence. You will gain skills which leading tech companies look for as they hire newly educated employees. The Future Skills Talent Programme entails:

4 camps

During which side by side with other talents, you prepare yourself for a career in tech. We work with real customer cases and companies dedicated to helping to reach your potential. 

Career development

receive dedicated career support to reach your goals. We ensure that all talents acquire the tools and (practice-oriented) strategies to establish a stepping stone into the world of technology. 

Hands-on experience

we support you throughout your internship, preferably in one of our partner companies. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to work closely with top employers.  


during which you meet our partner companies and our community. Gain insight about job opportunities, product innovation, and technologies  and expand your network.  


as you attend the four camps, you will gain a certificate which enables you to show the work you have done to develop and gain new knowledge as you move into the future. 

Learn side by side with the best

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