Tech Talks

The tech of tomorrow is the talk of today.

Tech Talks are community-focused events bringing the new technologies and knowledge from Danish tech companies to everyone interested in tech. Whether you are a student, a developer at a multinational company, an engineer at a start-up, or anything in between, you are welcome to join! At each Talk, a selected company is presenting their company and diving deep into the technologies they are working with – from software development to extreme programming, and from cloud computing to applied architecture. They are prepared to answer even the trickiest questions you have and excited to hear your thoughts about their technology. 


Limited seats available

Join our Meetup group to secure yourself a seat in the next Tech Talks. There is always limited number of seats available, so the sooner you sign up, the better. The Meetup group also keeps you updated on the future Tech Talks and the companies hosting them. 

Coming up

Meet the tech-experts in the next Tech Talks. 

Universal Robots

September 7th in Odense


September 14th in Aarhus

Universal Robots

September 21st in Copenhagen


October 12th in Odense